Win 2 Tickets for The Best Man Holiday Advance Screening


The Movie Scene Queen has waited almost 15 years for the sequel to the Best Man. The wait is over and on November 15th the Best Man Holiday will hit theaters. The original cast returns for the holidays.

MORRIS CHESTNUT (Identity Thief), TAYE DIGGS (Baggage Claim), REGINA HALL (Scary Movie franchise), TERRENCE HOWARD (Hustle & Flow), SANAA LATHAN (Contagion), NIA LONG (Soul Food), HAROLD PERRINEAU (Zero Dark Thirty), MONICA CALHOUN (Love & Basketball) and MELISSA DE SOUSA (Miss Congeniality) reprise their career-launching roles in The Best Man Holiday, the long-awaited next chapter to the film that ushered in a new era of comedy. Throughout the years, there have been marriages, children and divorces—not to mention all the love and heartbreak that accompany a life well lived—but the group has not been able to manage a proper get-together since Lance and Mia’s wedding. But that’s all about to be remedied. When the college friends finally reunite over the Christmas holidays, they will discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and passionate romances to be reignited. (courtesy of Universal Pictures)

For your chance to see the movie before the rest of the world, the rules are simple! Comment below with your favorite scene from The Best Man (1999) and your email address…and the tickets are yours!

The screening will be held on Tuesday, November 12th at AMC Waterfront 22. The screening will begin promptly at 7:30PM.

Much Love,

Movie Scene Queen

68 thoughts on “Win 2 Tickets for The Best Man Holiday Advance Screening

  1. My Favorite Part Of The Movie Is When The One Guy With The Dreads Finally Dump His Nagging, Ignorant Girlfriend At The Wedding For The Stripper Girl!!

  2. My best scene from The Best Man was when they were throwing the Best Man (Morris Chestnut) a bash celebration and the book was still a secret at this time (at least Morris hadn’t read it yet) and while Morris is in the back room (bathroom) he begins reading the scenes that depict actual events in their lives and comes to realize that the book was about his bride to be and his best friend (Taye). He then comes storming out of that room to confront Taye Diggs was priceless. I loved that scene and everything that surrounded it leading up to the wedding day…. I love this movie and all the actors/actresses.

  3. My fave scene was after Morris beat Taye up at the bachelor party and they go to the church and everybody is trying to stop Morris from calling off the wedding. They are trying to hold him back and there is like 3 guys on his feet trying to stop him as he goes up the aisle and then Taye yells out to him PRAY! Lol

  4. My favorite scene would have to be the fight at the party when the truth was revealed! Also the ending when they all moved past the issue! I’m excited to see the movie I’ve been waiting forever for this!

  5. If I had to pick a scene, it would definitely be at the end when they were at the reception and everyone was dancing doing the electric slide. They looked liked they were have a good time.

    But, in general the suspense of Chestnut finding out the truth, was my favorite part. And the fact that everyone started to put the pieces of the puzzle together made it even better.

  6. My favorite scene in the movie Best Man is when all the guys are sitting at the table playing cards and they are catching up with each other. That’s when you really were able to see how strong their bonds were no matter what happened. Then Qunitin ( Terrence Howard) tries more Morris chestnut about his soon to be wife asking if he’s sure she ever cheated then Morris almost beats him up… Quintin killed everyone vibe that night lol.

  7. My favorite part of the movie is when Mia was walking down the aisle and Beyonce’s song “All is said and done” was playing… great music

  8. My favorite part in the movie is when they were saying their vows to each other. The fact that he still married her after the news he just found out about her and his best man goes to show that no matter what he loved her and wouldn’t let anything break them apart. Now that’s love … forgiveness …and strength!

  9. The best part of the movie for me is when Morris Chestnut was headed to the front of the church to tell his parents the wedding was off…dragging his groomsmen down the aisle!!! :-)

  10. My favorite part is when Morris Chestnut was walking down the aisle dragging his friends to call off the wedding and Tay Diggs had him stop by saying pray with me, because it shows the only thing that can calm a storm is prayer.

  11. My favorite part is when when Mia tells Taye Diggs character she wants to have sex with him because it she feels it has been long overdue and this was there moment…

  12. My favorite part when Mia tells Taye Diggs character that they should have sex tonight because 1. she was horny 2.Years of pent of sexual tension and 3. As she said it was there time or “moment”….the look on his face from her request…priceless

  13. My Favorite scene of the Best Man is when Morris Chestnut walks into the Bar. His look his demeanor everything was captured so well. I loved the slow motion of the scene as well.

  14. My favorite scene is when Taye Diggs shows up at Nia Long’s house after the bachelor party…he is mad at her then she becomes mad at him….HILARIOUS

  15. My favorite part is when the groom punched out his homie. It kinda immitated real life because I’ve seen that happen before but not because he had sex with the wife-to-be though.

  16. My favorite scene was when Taye Diggs made a toast to the married couple. Even though his relationship with his girlfriend was being tested, he was able to get through to her and she accepted his marriage proposal.

  17. My favorite moment was the scene with Diggs and Lathan were in the bath tub and she realizes that he is not ready to fully commit to her in their relationship.

  18. My favorite part was when Harper was getting the fair one and Q comes outside all cool calm and collected like..”Yo L baby! You really gonna do this?” ……I be WEAK! LOL

  19. My favorite part is when Jordan put it together that Harper slept with Mia while in the store. Her face was priceless


  21. The best part gotta be when the truth came out at the end. The fight that whole scene. This was one of my favorite movies coming up.

  22. my favorite scene has to bd when Tate diggs shows up at Nia Longz apartment all beat up. she was so disappointed in her lingerie anticipating a night of romance. priceless!

  23. Favorite part is when Terrence Howard was putting on the garter on the one girl’s leg and they ended up in bed together.

  24. My favorite part is the ending when they finally squash everything, and then the whole reception joins in and do the electric slide. However the whole suspense of Chestnut finding out the truth about his best man and soon to b wife was crazy too.

  25. I loved the entire movie! But my favorite part was when Morris Chestnut punched Taye Diggs through that door out onto the balcony! He was fired up, thinking his girl never slept with anyone let alone one of his best friends!! lol

  26. I don’t know if it was said or not but my favorite part was when Morris Chestnut was dragging all his friends with him down the aisle at the wedding.

  27. My girls answering this and would LOVE to go see this with me so please hook her up and tyvm in advance hun! :)….. Her Favorite part of the original movie was when the dreadlocked guy (Harper) dumped his girlfriend (cause of how controlling and nagging she was) and instead of bringing her to the wedding he bought the stripper he met@the bachelor party (Kandi) it was so funny cause of the way he dumped her (
    Shelby) ….. P.S.Her sister and her were in tears during this part and alot of the movie!! she has seen the original so many times she lost count and was told if she wins tickets she can have the day off of work to make a road trip with me and go see this!! we’re in NY (L) and Jersey (Tanya) needless to say shes a HUGE FAN!!!!……L and Tanya

  28. Marty H says. Am a little confused here. Can’t get the clip to run. Would sure like to see this Best man Holiday movie at a screening.

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