Throwback Movie of the Month: Love & Basketball

Throwback Movie of the Month- Love & Basketball (March 2013)

This is NOT and I repeat this IS NOT my favorite movie of all time…but there’s no denying that it’s a classic!

As a movie connoisseur, it’s safe to stay that any hopeless romantic who also has a love for the unruly game of basketball should have this movie in their DVD collection. The rules to LOVE and BASKETBALL are similar:

1.) Know your opponents next move

Monica Wright (Sanaa Latham) knew her opponent, Quincy McCall (Omar Epps), since childhood. Like many longtime friends, she knew what to expect from him. She expected that he would be intrigued by the cheap paper invitation he received for the school dance. She expected that Quincy would succumb to the pressures of college basketball. She expected that he would follow in his father’s footsteps to be a successful basketball player. She even expected that their love, despite how much life had driven them apart, would eventually bring them back together.

2.) Expect Anything

When life is going really good, expect that almost anything can happen. The unexpected occurrences don’t necessarily have to permanently incapacitate you but they can derail the plans a little bit. Towards the end of the movie, Quincy, as a 5-year benchwarmer on the Los Angeles Lakers,

3.) Accept the Loss to Prepare for a Bigger Win

Quincy McCall had to lose his current love, fiancée Kyra (Tyra Banks), in order to regain his true love Monica Wright. Love is a tricky war. Many battles are lost in hopes of gaining the overall victory. We must realize that life and love are not as simple as playing a 1-on-1 pickup game with your soul mate. Love, even in its prettiest settings, takes a lot of fighting and perseverance. To win the war, you have to lose some of the biggest battles.
You might not have to purchase the movie on DVD because it’s always on BET. But if it’s up to Wal-Mart, the DVD is probably already in the $5 bin. I believe once BET plays any movie it depreciates its value and forces Wal-Mart to move it to the $5 bin. In the end, grabbing it from Wal-Mart might be a little cheaper than paying your cable. I know my Netflix subscription is!

3.5 STARS: No matter what the sport, physical limitations, or unforseen element, we all at one point in time have fought for L.O.V.E

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