Olympus Has Fallen (3.18.13)

Week of 3.18.13- Olympus Has Fallen


Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, and Gerard Butler star in a heroic story about a CIA agent who pretty much has the entire country counting on him as Korean terrorists take over the White House. Eighteen months prior to the White House attack, Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (Butler) made efforts to save President and First Lady Asher (Aaron Eckhart and Ashley Judd) after a terrible car accident. Agent Banning was only able to save the President and watched as First Lady Asher fell to her untimely death. Banning’s lifesaving attempts removed him from the President’s detail and behind a desk at the US Treasury. This desk position probably puts him in the best predicament because he was one of the first responders to the terrorist aircraft that gunned down innocent civilians.

From the director of Training Day, it was evident why one viewer said “it was like Die Hard 2013 meets Saw.” Similar to Training Day, the movie had a dark glow. You know-that “the world is about to end” glow full of panic, chaos, police sirens, and no sign of running water and electricity. The President and his executive cabinet were slightly tortured but to see one’s man fight to save them was heroic.

This movie leaves you with ONE burning question: HOW OLD IS MORGAN FREEMAN?

Sheesh! He might out live me.

4.5 STARS: This is surely a man’s flick! But I can see the ladies getting together to watch a whole bunch of men kill each for one’s country.

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