Throwback Movie of The Month- SUPERSTAR (April 2013)


Derived from Saturday Night Live, Molly Shannon plays awkwardly built and socially challenged high schooler Mary Katherine Gallagher in the 1999 movie, Superstar.  After many tragic accidents, Mary Katherine Gallagher (and you have to say her full name) realized that she wants to be a SUPERSTAR.  She never really channeled what kind of star she wants be.  In several horrible attempts, Mary Katherine Gallagher experiments with singing, dancing, and acting.  After a vicious fight with the most popular girl in school, Evian (Elaine Hendrix), Mary Katherine Gallagher stuns everyone at her audition for the school talent show.

Her immediate motivation for stardom and fame is to get the attention of the most popular guy in school, Sky Corrigan (Will Ferrell).  To Mary Katherine Gallagher, her superstar status would be solidified with one Hollywood style kiss (with Sky of course).  Just in true love story fashion, Sky falls for Mary Katherine Gallagher after she wins the talent show.  He plants a big wet one on her and it’s a complete DUD!  After enduring 7 seconds of torture, Mary Katherine Gallagher receives a better kiss from someone as equally unique as her, Eric Slater (Harland Williams).  Eric is the weirdo from special education class whose silence, due to a speech impediment, makes the entire school thinks that he’s a murderer.  At the beginning of the movie, you find out that Eric is the little boy that Mary Katherine Gallagher saves at the swimming pool. (He has the birth mark that looks like shit!)

This distorted storyline and unrealistic antics only makes the movie better.  Although critics have given Superstar some of the worst reviews ever, similar to Norbit, it’s good comedy with no real plot. It’s definitely a $5 Wal-Mart Bin winner!!!

4.5 STARS: It’s stupidity at its finest!!!

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