Monsters University (6.21.13)


Disney & Pixar presents the long anticipated Monster Inc. prelude, Monsters University. It’s almost been 12 years since we’ve heard from the terrifying scarers in Monstropolis. But the wait will only make you savor the moment as you enjoy this animated story about how Mike (voiced by Billy Crystal) and Sulley (voiced by John Goodman) met in college.

Challenged by school administration, social acceptance and naysayers, the best friend duo was on a conquest to prove their scariness. Mike dominated in his courses like Scaring 101 and Scareonomics with book smarts at the university’s School of Scaring. Whereas Sulley was the big man on campus with a family legacy to uphold. After much defeat, and with the help of their frat brothers, they were able to make a name for themselves.

Monster University depicts this delightful life story of how Mike and Sulley eventually became the top scaring team at Monsters Inc. The irony in the movie shows you that even the scariest people have the deepest fears.

How can you not love Helen Mirren?
She voiced the scariest school leader, Dean Hardscrabble, who made college life for Mike and Sully extremely difficult. Even as a cartoon voice, Helen Mirren always suprises me with her wise demeanor and colorful humor. I just recently watched Arthur (2011) for the fourth time and she was adorable in that movie too. I don’t know who’s older…her or Morgan Freeman. But when we have an educated debate about poised, graceful actors we can’t fail to mention either one.

4 STARS: Sequels are always tough because you have something to compare it to. Monsters Inc. was so good it had two movie theatre appearances! I must say Monsters University came in a close second. And don’t forget “we scare because we care!”

Grab the entire family and check out Monsters University, it hits theatres TODAY!!!

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  1. This was the cutest movie not only was it a great kids movie but it also had a message for children letting them know that no matter how small you are and no matter how many people discourage you and tell you what you cannot do to always remember that as long as you don’t give up and keep trying you can accomplish anything!! It doesn’t hurt to have a big blue monster as your best friend either!! Five stars for MU great movie!!

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