The Heat (6.28.13)

The Heat

I saw the previews for Paul Feig’s The Heat and immediately assumed the film was Sandra Bullock’s last attempt to redeem herself in Miss Congeniality 3. Similar to Miss Congeniality 1 & 2, Bullock plays an uptight, over achieving FBI agent, Sarah Ashburn. Her entire investigation is comprised when a local Boston PD detective, Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy), becomes a complete hindrance with her irrational police work and unruly mouth. The duo is forced to put their differences aside and put some “heat” on petty criminals to in order to find a big drug kingpin.

Melissa McCarthy has swiftly put herself on the map as a leading actress and comedian. She was brilliant in the Heat. Like most of her characters, she’s spunky, ill-mannered but lovable. Being paired with industry veteran Sandra Bullock was a match made in heaven. McCarthy is also known for her on-the-spot ad libs which I’m sure made for a funny movie set. This is a DVD I’ll buy just for the bloopers and extra footage.

If anything, McCarthy is definitely representing for the big girls in this morning. Although her attire wasn’t too flattering as she played a detective who was rough around the edges, she absolutely shined in this comedy. Detective Mullins ran down suspects, jumped over fences, and was a physical force to be reckoned with even for a hefty woman. You can also catch McCarthy with a comical cameo in Hangover Part III.

Marlon Wayans
As the next generation of Wayans come into the spotlight, we can’t forget about the baby, Marlon Wayans. When I got word he was in the movie, I just knew he would add to McCarthy’s sick humor. So used to seeing him in goofy roles, I was pleasantly surprised to see him play the calm, attractive Boston FBI Agent Levy. Levy is a handsome, professional FBI personnel who assisted Ashburn and Mullins in their investigation. A big round of applause for Mr. Wayans and his supple side for it only confirms his versatility.

4 STARS: We’re entering a new era of comedy films where there’s a thin line between funny and inappropriate. If you enjoyed Bridemaids, The Other Guys, or Cop Out, then The Heat is the perfect movie for you!
The Heat hits theatres today…June 28th!

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