White House Down (6.28.13)

White House Down

White House Down, starring Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum, was an action packed story about a single father in his hopes to become a Secret Service agent. Because we know life’s biggest dreams aren’t handed to us, John Cale (Tatum) spent roughly 3 hours trapped inside the White House as he battled terrorists to protect President James Sawyer (Foxx) and his 11 year old daughter, Emily (Joey King). Cale’s spontaneous, patriotic mission came moments after the Secret Service denied him an agency position. The entire movie he fought tirelessly for his country and family but also to prove that he was fit for the president’s Secret Service detail.

Recently, a lot of president movies have surfaced, more specifically movies about terrorists taking over the White House. Just two months ago, Olympus Has Fallen starring Morgan Freeman was a movie about Korean terrorists controlling the White House with machine guns and foreign armed forces. As fictitious as movies are, the reality is what would we do as Americans if foreign or domestic terrorists crippled our governmental structure by gaining control of the White House?

Slightly similar to Olympus Has Fallen, there were several references to current events in White House Down such as the removal of US troops in the Middle East, nuclear power, American treason, and of course, an African American USA President. President James Sawyer and our current Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama had many similar qualities. They are both laid back, cool, popular with the American people and on a clear path for change.

Garcelle Beauvais & Jamie Foxx Together Again
Garcelle Beauvais played First Lady Sawyer and if my memory serves me correct, this isn’t the first time Ms. Beauvais and Mr. Foxx played an on-air couple. On one of my favorite sitcoms, the Jamie Foxx Show, we better know the couple as Fancy & Jamie. For five seasons, we watched Jamie gradually go from Fancy’s puppy admirer to her husband. One of the most enjoyable parts of White House Down was seeing them together again. We haven’t seen Ms. Beauvais on screen for a long time as she focuses on her family life with her 5 year old twins, Jax & Jaid. Her brief appearances in the movie made for a sweet reward as she truly resembled our own beautiful First Lady Michelle Obama.

An easy 4.75 STARS: The movie had a healthy, enjoyable balance of action, comedy, patriotism, and suspense, not to mention Channing Tatum’s muscles were glistening during ¾ of the movie!!!

Ladies, grab your girlfriends or a really secure man and catch White House Down this weekend.

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  1. My favorite actor would definitely have to be Channing Tatum. I’m glad this movie was rated over 4 stars… I must go and see it!

  2. My favorite actor right now I would have to say Don Cheadle he’s so smart and calm he seems to be able to play any role gangster, super hero, politician and he seems to play especially well in roles that involve civil rights or the rights of African american’s he is a great actor.

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