July Throwback Movie of the Month- Me, Myself & Irene (July 2013)


Jim Carrey and Renée Zellweger star in the comedy about a schizophrenic Rhode Island state trooper who’s battling his spilt personality in the classic Me, Myself and Irene. I call this a USA network movie. USA plays the movies with all the cursing and bleeps out everything, ultimately ruining the essence of the movie. And the later in the night, the nastier the movie is. Then at 7:00 AM they want to play Joel Osteen.

Like most Jim Carrey films, the plot is all over the place but destined for gut busting laughs as he literally battles himself as Officer Charlie Baileygates. Charlie is sweet and caring whereas his spilt personality, Hank, is horny and harsh. After Charlie’s wife left him with three little children, he was forced to store his hurt and anger. Eventually, Hank emerged and he was at times helpful and hurtful on Charlie’s journey to protect an innocent witness.

After Hank’s first appearance, psychologists diagnosed Charlie with “advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage” and ordered him to take medication every 6 hours to keep Hank away. His first day back on the force he was ordered to transport a New York suspect Irene Waters (Renée Zellweger) back to a NY police station for questioning. Irene got mixed up with her mobster ex-boyfriend and went on the run after several crooked cops tried to kill her.

Any movie has to have a little bit of a love story. Despite Irene’s high tolerance for Hank’s sexual come-ons, she still fell madly in love with Charlie and his 3 Black children.

The 3 Big Black Kids
As if this story line wasn’t already weird, Charlie’s estranged wife left him with 3 Black kids that she had from an affair with the wedding limo driver. Jamal Baileygates (Anthony Anderson), Lee Harvey Baileygates (Mongo Brownlee), and Shonté Jr. Baileygates (Jerod Mixon) were all classified as geniuses but cursed like sailors. It only made for a more enjoyable cinematic experience. The movie shows as the minors turn into men. In the end, Charlie’s kids help prove his innocence by stalling the man hunt and rescuing their dad from raging waters.

3 STARS: From Charlie’s hefty Black kids to Hank’s crazed outbursts with children, Me, Myself, & Irene is hilarious.

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  1. This movie still has me laughing just as hard as when I first saw it. Jim Carrey is crazy funny his facial expressions alone makes it hard for me to not laugh at. Love this actor!

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