Max & Erma’s Dinner & a Movie Prize Pack



(Favorite Female Actress: Audrey Hepburn)

Ms. Thompson won the second Max & Erma’s Dinner & a Movie Prize Pack, which includes a $25 gift certificate to AMC Loews AND a $25 Max & Erma’s gift certificate.

Thank you for participating. Please stay tuned for details for PMSQ’s Bang Bang Shoot ‘Em Up 2 Guns Prize Pack, which includes two passes to the Pittsburgh premiere of 2 Guns and a $25 Cinemark gift certificate.

6 thoughts on “Max & Erma’s Dinner & a Movie Prize Pack

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  1. My fav Denzel Washington movie is training day I could sit and watch it over and over again lol but to be honest I love all his movies!

  2. My favorite Denzel movie is hard to say cause he is one of the best actors I know and respect. But Training Day blew my mind to see him play a bad guy. I was at the show like OMG not my Denzy(thats what I call him) lol.
    At first I was mad I has mixed feelings about him being a bad guy but than it hit me that he has true talent. I fell more in love with him. Than Déjà vu “WHAT” i can watch that movie over and over and Denzel is so sexy what was I talking about… Lol my Denzy oh My Denzy…… Lol

  3. My favorite Denzel Washington movie is John Q. The movie was sad but I luv how he went hard for his son and was willing to give his own heart to him.

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