November Throwback Movie of the Month- Curly Sue

Curly Sue

A 1991 John Hughes Production introduced the world to the cute, chubby cheeked little girl with a head full of beautiful curls in Curly Sue. Curly Sue (Alisan Porter) was an orphan who traveled across the country with her father-like companion, Bill (Jim Belushi).

The pair performed small time scams to eat, stay warm, and survive. Until one day, their days of faking automobile accidents landed them into a temporary living situation. Big time Chicago lawyer Grey Ellison (Kelly Lynch) shows pity on the family after she hits Bill on two different occasions. After many warnings from family and friends, Grey let the family reside in her expensive condo and in the end, falls in love with the motherless twosome.

The chemistry between the father and daughter was incredible. Bill and Curly Sue were opposites, as if two longtime friends were rugging it on the streets of Chicago. The two only complimented each other’s flaws and worked as a team to partially endure the Windy City.

Curly Sue was Steve Carell’s first movie. He plays a waiter named Tesio. And all though his role was minor it was just a joy to see him as a youngster. Steve Carell will always be one of my favorite actors. After recently watching this movie, I’m happy to know Mr. Carell once appeared in a classic.

John Hughes was a cinematic genius! From the Home Alone series to Maid in Manhattan, John Hughes consistently provided great family movies, either through direction, writing, or a combination of both. Some of my greatest childhood memories are filled with the works of John Hughes.

3.5 STARS: The Pretty Woman for 8-year-olds. A great holiday season-winter movie. Despite the movie’s adorable captivity, its overall message makes you appreciate the roof over your family’s head.

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