Oscar Season Diary #5: “12 Years a Slave” Changes the Game for Historical Dramas

Hit the Nail on the Head!


It’s all getting so old.

History, biographies, period pieces, that is; though things that have aged continue to fascinate those of us standing behind a contemporary camera.

Only last year, Lincoln was a phenomenal hit at the box-office, raking in nearly $200 million domestically on top of a multitude of Oscar nominations. The Academy tends to favor a fine work of historical pomp. Often, period pieces offer a chance for nearly all branches of the industry to shine. Elaborate costumes, lavish production design, and spot-on direction (and a flair for the old-fashioned) are often required to bring the past into the present, and each corresponding branch of the AMPAS succumbs to the appeal.

I’ve got no problems with these types of films. They’ve existed since the dawn of the industry, and will continue for as long as the medium exists–when the world around us becomes fodder for future filmmakers.

What bugs me…

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