Movies for a Year 2014 Contest Winner

Congratulations to Mrs. Stacey Smith…

Contest Winner

Mrs. Smith is the winner of MSQ’s inaugural Movies for a Year contest. Her prize pack includes: An Invitation to ALL 2014 Screenings, $50 Fandango Gift Card, 7 Complimentary Passes for South Side Works Cinema, $25 Quiznos Gift Card, an Official Movie Scene Queen Hoodie, and Movie Snacks.

5 thoughts on “Movies for a Year 2014 Contest Winner

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  1. That’s fitting that this lady won. I have seen her at every screening that I have been to in the last 4-5 years. She’s often first in line with a chair to hold her spot (typical Pittsburgher)!

  2. What an awesome prize package! As an All-time Movie Lover myself, how can I enter to win the next yearly prize?

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