January 2014 Throwback Movie of the Month: Clueless

With MSQ’s one year anniversary, January was hectic! But, I didn’t forget about the throwback movie series!

To be young, spoiled and completely clueless…


Cher (Alicia Silverstone) was surrounded by limitless credit cards and obnoxious friends when she decided to mentor a misguided new girl at her high school. As the most popular girl in school, Cher had to play therapist with her best bud, Dionne (Stacey Dash, and her thuggish boyfriend, Murray (Donald Faison), get her new friend,Tai (Brittany Murphy) accumulated to the Beverly Hills lifestyle, and manage a rocky, unexpected love life with her stepbrother, Josh (Paul Rudd).

The movie is an absolute classic! From Cher thinking Billie Holliday was a man to her horrible attempts at baking a fully intact roll of cookie dough, she was the ditsiest teenager ever. But draped with style, daddy’s fortune, and good intentions, it was hard not to love her.

The first time I watched Clueless I was 8 years old and while most of the things went right over my head, I enjoyed the high school perspective. I thought Cher’s days of changing her grades, setting up lonely teachers, and delivering idiotic debates were a universal high school experience. As I got older, my understanding of the movie evolved; figuring out a what “you-know-what” is, “Rolling with the Homies” is a real song, and Cher was a social pot-smoker.

There was a brief TV show based off of the movie and it was horrible. It featured the same exact cast from the movie except for Cher – Rachel Blanchard – and every episode was dumber than the previous one. The unpopularity of the show was a direct results of the show’s cancellation after 62 episodes. If Alicia Silverstone was on board for the TV show, I’m sure the show would have been better received.

Nevertheless, I’m still partially damaged because I can not locate my VHS copy of Clueluess. But no fear! The Walmart $5 bin is near…


Clueless - Brittany Murphy & Donald Faison

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