Blended Passes

Movie Scene Queen and Warner Brothers Pictures are at it again…


This time, we are partnering for Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s new movie, Blended. If you remember The Wedding Singer (1998) and 50 First Dates (2004), then you are familiar with the great on-screen chemistry that Sandler and Barrymore have together.

Drew and Adam

After a disastrous blind date, single parents Lauren and Jim agree on only one thing: they never want to see each other again. But when they each sign up separately for a fabulous family vacation with their kids, they are all stuck sharing a suite at a luxurious African safari resort for a week in “Blended,” the third comedy collaboration between stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

There are two Blended private screenings:

Thursday, May 15, 2014, 7:30 PM
AMC Waterfront 22

Wednesday, May 21, 2014, 7:30 PM
AMC Waterfront 22

Please comment below with your favorite Adam Sandler movie and the date you would prefer see the movie. In typical MSQ fashion, I’ll start with my favorite Adam Sandler movie(s): 1.) Billy Madison 2.) Big Daddy 3.) Happy Gilmore 4.) 50 First Dates 5.) Mr. Deeds (I couldn’t just name one!)

Much Love,

Movie Scene Queen

53 thoughts on “Blended Passes

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  1. My favorite is The Wedding Singer. Another collaboration with Drew Barrymore. I’d love passes for the Thursday, May 15th screening. Thanks!

    1. My favorites are Happy Gilmore & Big Daddy.
      I would love to go for the May 15th screening. Thanks a million!

  2. Just go with it, happy Gilmore, big daddy, 8 crazy nights there’s just so many love Adam Sandler
    Wed may 21st

  3. Favorite all time “Adam Sandler” movie would have to be The Wedding Singer……. He was hilariously funny in that movie… May 21st tickets please

  4. 50 First Dates good movie with both of them acting. Also been to Hawaii and loved the scenery in the movie. Would like the May 21 screening. Thank You

  5. I like every movie Adam made. But That’s my boy was a really good one. I also like 50 first dates and grown ups one and two. I could just go on and on. And I would like this Thursday passes please. Thank you

  6. My favorite Sandler movie would have to be Big Daddy! Wed, May 21st if there are still any available! 🙂

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