The Purge: Anarchy Passes

The Movie Scene Queen is hosting an advance, private screening of The Purge: Anarchy, which is in theaters July 18th, on July 15th at South Side Works Cinema. The special screening will begin at 7:30 PM.


The New Founders of America invite you to celebrate your annual right to Purge. The Purge: Anarchy, the sequel to summer 2013’s sleeper hit that opened to No. 1 at the box-office, sees the return of writer/director James DeMonaco to craft the next terrifying chapter of dutiful citizens preparing for their country’s yearly 12 hours of anarchy.

For your complimentary passes, please comment below with your biggest fear. (And if you don’t have one, that’s fine too!) I’ll start with mine: SNAKES. If you knowingly bring a snake around me, that will be the last day you’ll ever see me!

Much Love,

Movie Scene Queen

The Purge Black and White

79 thoughts on “The Purge: Anarchy Passes

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  1. Thousand legger…those insects will stop me dead in my tracks. Watching them crawl on walls and anything else creeps me out.

  2. that when.we.die there is the possibility of nothingness. At least in my opinion. Please, no religious rants lol

  3. Mine is definitely Heights and Falling…so I don’t get the full experience at Amusement Parks.

  4. My worst fear is snakes but my biggest fear is death, the whole fading into oblivion thing is terrifying.

  5. Spiderwebs. SO much worse than the spider. You never see them until you run into it, sometimes you dont know WHERE the spider(s) are or which direction you should run, and they are so hard to get off of you. Once you THINK you have all of it off your all itchy and paranoid. Lol *shivers*

  6. I think a biological attack like something off of world war Z is my worst fear! I feel like its something that I won’t be prepared for and have no chance of surviving.

  7. Spiders! They’re so creepy and hang from the ceiling. If one is near me I’m in the fetal position crying!

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