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PPS_0042 Pittsburgh King’s All Black Female Administration: (right to left) Andrea Brown, Assistant Principal, Geri Abrams, Assistant Principal, and Leah McCord, Principal (Photo by M. Howze)

“That’s how we roll,” said Andrea Brown jokingly. “The Three Amigos,” Geraldine Abrams quickly snapped.  “Yes!” said Leah McCord in agreement.  The women, in harmony, chuckled and finished reviewing their preliminary Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) data, which was released by Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) on September 9th at an Education Committee Meeting.

Geraldine Abrams, Andrea Brown, and Leah McCord all have decades of experience in teaching and school administration.

Now, all three African American women have instantly developed a “sisterly” bond to work towards creating an equitable, enriched learning environment for all 565 kids at Pittsburgh King K-8.

Principal Leah McCord, the newest member of the team, relies on her assistant principals because “they have the pulse of the community, relationships with families…

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