Men, Women, & Children Passes

Movie Scene Queen is hosting a screening of Jason Reitman’s new film, MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN at the AMC Waterfront 22 on Tuesday, October 14 at 7PM.


The film has an all-star cast including Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, Judy Greer and Ansel Elgort.  MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN follows the story of a group of high school teenagers and their parents as they attempt to navigate the many ways the internet has changed their relationships, their communication, their self-image, and their love lives.

If you are interested, please comment below with your favorite high school memory.  I’ll start with mine- Schenley High School C/O 2005.  Yes, I’ve been out of high school for ten years and I officially feel old!  But, anywho, I enjoyed the basketball games, the trophy room parties, the congested Tripper, and skipping classes to go to lunch but still managing to get on the honor roll!

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Movie Scene Queen

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  1. my favorite high school memory would be when the boys protested the girls not being able to wear mini skirts to school. All the boys came to school dressed in mini skirts! I never saw so many hairy legs in my life!

  2. One of my favorite teachers’ who’s class I was no longer in allowed me to go on a field trip to Washington with his current class.

  3. Not sure if this would be suitable but I enjoyed my home economics, making food.
    One time my girl friends and I decided to toss the food around. Sounds worse that it
    was but it was fun and memorable.

  4. My favorite memory from the class of 2002 was when we were seniors and the boys dressed up like girls and the girls dressed up like boys. It was such a fun day. I enjoyed high school and never had to worry about anything like the kids of today. 02

  5. My favorite high school memory was being involved in choir and going around the city doing performances!

  6. Class of 2001. My favorite high school memory was probably the day the deer got in the school… we couldn’t walk outside because all the doors had to be locked during the day, but a deer jumped right in an open window… 🙂

  7. My favorite high school memory is my choir class. I loved going there everyday and just having a blast with my best friends. Also the choir concerts and trips were fun too!

  8. Uniontown High School Class of 1966! 48 years since graduation! My fondest memories were those involving our high school marching band. How proud I was marching in the halftime show playing our alma mater!

  9. My favorite high school memory was actually getting asked to my senior prom by a junior boy. I had no idea he liked me, but I couldn’t go because I had a boyfriend who went to another school.

  10. I went to Fox Chapel High School in the early 80’s, just around that time saw the release of “Back to the Future”. After learning the film was a big hit over the weekend, one of the kids drove his father’s Delorean to school that Monday morning. Setting off a stampede of students running out of class to see if Michael J. Fox was hanging out in the school’s parking lot!

  11. My favorite high school memory has to be hanging out in my favorite teacher’s classroom before school. All of the misfits and weirdos would sit in his classroom and just talk about life and he accepted everyone with open arms.

  12. My favorite high school memoir was our amazing library and hanging out in the ‘black box’ (our drama room) and band room.

  13. My experience as a “university scholar ” attending classes at UK and high school – I as a high school senior and a college freshman at the same time!

  14. My favorite high school memory was going to the football games on friday nights and then going to eat n park afterwards. We always had a blast!

  15. My favorite memory is going to football games on Friday nights and then going to Eat n’ Park after the game. We always had a blast!

  16. My favorite high school memory was probably prom. We got a beach house and I made the best memories with the best people.

  17. John Dewey High School Brooklyn, NY. I loved going off campus to eat lunch. I hated school food so being able to go buy pizza or mcdonalds or chinese food was so awesome.

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