MSQ Official Movie Review: One local movie, Blood First, finds recent global recognition since its November 2014 released.

New Pittsburgh Courier

Blood First movie poster
NaRa Films hosted an official screening for their first independent film, Blood First, on November 30th at South Side Works Cinema.  Starring Edwin Lee Gibson, Carl Redwood, Lamar Darnell Fields, Aki Jamal, and Sundiata El Rice, Blood First is a chilling depiction of an urban family’s unbreakable cycle of imprisonment, drugs, and violence.

Set in Homewood over a 25 year span, viewers watch as two brothers attempt to maintain their domestic priorities when business gets a little shaky.

After father and local drug dealer, Raqmaan (Gibson), goes to prison, it is up to his two sons, Rico and O to survive in their neighborhood without paternal guidance.

Many longtime Homewood residents joined the cast and crew to witness the 78-minute gangster movie.

One of those Homewood residents, Allison McLeod, said the film is nothing less than “real”.  “Blood First was a project that brought the entire community together,” says, McLeod…

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