The Loft Passes

Karl Urban and James Marsden star in the tense psychological thriller THE LOFT (R), the story of five guys who conspire to secretly share a penthouse loft in the city–a place where they can indulge in their deepest fantasies. But the fantasy becomes a nightmare when they discover the dead body of an unknown woman in the loft, and they realize one of the group must be involved. Paranoia seizes them as everyone begins to suspect one another. Friendships are tested, loyalties are questioned and marriages crumble as the group is consumed by fear, suspicion and murder in this relentless thriller.


Movie Scene Queen has passes!  Each pass will admit two to see the film once it opens in theaters on January 30, 2015.  No Screening!  No Waiting in Line!  Please comment below with a time when you had to share a living quarter.  I’ll start with mine– my freshman year of undergrad at Clark Atlanta University.  I shared a dorm with my childhood friend, Rozlynn James!  And let’s just say our friendship was tested… LOL

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Movie Scene Queen

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  1. I had to share living quarters with a “past tense” dear friend of mine back in high school and 3 months into it she was told she had to move out. We haven’t spoken since.

  2. I had to share living quarters when I was in college, I had two other roommates, plus a shared bathroom with 3 more girls. It was fun for the most part, one of those roommates, I’m still very close with.

  3. As a child I shared a bedroom and bunk beds with my younger brother. I had the top bunk and he had the lower bunk.

  4. My freshman year in college at good Ole Cheyney University and we had the same last name we just spelled it differently. ..We are still friends till this day. ..

  5. I once had a roomate in college who was VERY promiscuous! Needless to say, that arrangement didnt last very long!

  6. When I was a kid I had to share a bedroom with my brother who was 4 years younger than me and he drove me crazy!

  7. When I was in college. Even today, I rent a room in a house with two guys. At least for the rest of this week!

  8. My freshman year of college they put me in a room with a girl of them same major. Come to find out she hated me from day1 bc i made it to the dorm 1st and picked the side with the window. We were at war so bad that the r.a.c. kicked us both out of the room for good. …had to find a new roommate. Ever since then i never had another roommate

  9. I lived with my best friend during college also. It was an apartment and it was a learning experience for both of us!

  10. I dont ever want to have anyone to ever live with me ever again except my husband. My grandmother come to stay with me which was only supposed to be for a few months but it turned into a year and a half, enough said about that but then my sister. I realize I don’t make a good roommate lololololol

  11. At Temple University I once had a roommate who let her drunk bf secretly move in with us he kept drinking all my juice and eating my snacks so I put sticky notes on all my food with my name on it.

  12. Living with my boyfriend (now husband) for the first few months was interesting to say the least. I think you truly learn someone when you live with them! Their habits charateristics etc..Things you would have never asked and had to experience yourself! Lol

  13. living with my daughter is a real test she doesn’t think she has to help do housework or pay where you stay im trying real hard not to choke her lol now Queen you know that’s a test

  14. Senior year of college. It started as a friendship and ended a little differently. I almost always ate on campus and barely soiled any dishes in the apartment. My one roommate would eat oatmeal in the morning and let it dry in the bowl all day long. Then he said it was my turn to wash dishes, needless to say it stayed dirty.

  15. I shared a room while I was away for the summer with strangers and it is rough because I was always trying to lay down the law!

  16. My boyfriend & i had 1 of his male friends stay with us & he moved his girlfriend and her kid in with us she is the nastiest female in LIFE her female issue were horrific she never cleaned up after herself in the bathroom area !!!!!!….Never Ever Again!!!!

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