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Bill Bellamy with Movie Scene Queen's Merecedes Howze Bill Bellamy with Movie Scene Queen’s Merecedes Howze

This past weekend, Def Jam’s How to Be a Player star Bill Bellamy stopped at the Improv Comedy Club in Homestead for his Ladies Night Out Tour. With three decades under his belt,  Bill Bellamy has recently emerged from his hibernation with a vengeance. The 49 year old actor, who doesn’t look a day over 32, tore the house down.

After more than a dozen field trips to this particular comedy club, I can confidently say that Sunday night was the best display of stand up comedy.  Bill Bellamy’s jokes were clever and ranged from talking horses to unattractive celebrities. He went back to his Newark, NJ pastimes to create a fall-out-of-your-seat type of laughter.

The show was raunchy, relational and interactive.

Most industry people consider going back to stand up comedy a demotion, but that’s what Bill Bellamy needs– grass roots…

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