Get Hard Passes


The prison-bound manager, James King (Will Ferrell) of a hedge fund asks a black businessman, Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart) — who has never been to jail — to prepare him for life behind bars.

Warner Brothers Pictures and Movie Scene Queen are hosting a March 23rd screening in the Waterfront.  The screening begins at 7:30 PM.  Please comment with your best jail/prison story.  I’ll start with mine…

When I was in high school, my mom put my friends and I in a Scared Straight program at Allegheny County Jail.  Even though we weren’t juvenile delinquents, we brewed our own share of mischief and trouble like most teenagers.  We spent an entire afternoon in the women’s pod.  We were everything but scared.  I was actually freaked out.  The inmates kept talking about the possible lesbian rape.  It was kinda creepy to say the least.

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  1. When i was in state prison i choose the doc boot camp. My first day there i didn’t know the proper procedures in the chow hall. After not dumping my tray correctly i had to side step the whole way arond the chow hall yelling i don’t know what that means sir. It was very embarrassing.

  2. While doing some illegal activity with friends near my college campus, we heard something in the bushes. Seconds later, 6 cops bust out and arrest us all. Back at the police station, they scare us straight, to the point where all of us are blubbering like babies. Then in the end, they realize they didn’t do proper procedure, so they had to let off with a warning. That was a close one.

  3. Never actually been to prison or jail. I think I would be really really scared and cry the whole time. I would really like to see this movie.

  4. My best Prison story from the movie is when Kevin Hart calls his woman a _ _ _ _ _ and she slaps him because he was trying to be hard. I would loooooovvvvveee to see this movie!!!!

  5. I’ve never been to jail but I did get “fake arrested” on my honeymoon when the cops in the Bahamas took us back to our timeshare bc we missed our shuttle back lol

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