Captive Passes

For 10 lucky winners, you’ll have a chance to join Movie Scene Queen this Thursday to see Captive, which opens nationwide September 18th, before the rest of the world…

Captive film poster

CAPTIVE (PG-13), based on a miraculous true story that drew the attention of the entire nation, is the dramatic, thrilling, and spiritual journey of Ashley Smith and Brian Nichols. After being taken hostage by Brian in her own apartment, Ashley turns to Rick Warren’s inspirational book, “The Purpose Driven Life,” for guidance.  In reading from the book, Ashley not only finds purpose in her own life, but helps Brian find a more peaceful resolution to a harrowing situation.

For one-night-only, WHAT IS CAPTIVE: NIGHT OF PURPOSE, will take place on Thursday, September 17 beginning at 7:00 PM in the Waterfront.  These are guaranteed box office tickets.

Please comment below with your favorite moment of any cast member.  You have a few people to choose from- – David Oyelowo, Kate Mara, Jessica Oyelowo, and Michael K. Williams.  I love…I repeat…I love Michael K. Williams.  He’ll have the smallest roles in a movie or TV show.  But, to me, it’ll be the most important character.  HBO series The Wire was the best HBO TV show behind The Sopranos.  Williams, who played the thugged out drug thief, Omar, was a certified gangster.  And he was a master whistler.  What gangster you know whistles after stealing your whole stash?  🙂

Much Love,

Movie Scene Queen

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  1. Kate Mara was outstanding in American Horror Story and she was one of the few bright spots in The Fantastic Four movie this year.

  2. David Oyelowo portrayed Martin Luther King Jr and boy did he do an awesome job.. He’s truly a remarkable actor. And the ability to be able to turn on/off his accent says even more about him…

  3. Loved David Oyelowo in Selma and was inspired to go visit The Lunch Counter at The Woolworth in Greensboro, North Carolina earlier this summer and also the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. It was a very moving experience.
    Loved Kate Mara in House of Cards season 1 and too bad she was murdered in season 2.

  4. Michael K. Williams is a beast, he is a great actor. but you can’t beat him as OMAR in the wire or CHALKY WHITE in boardwalk empire.

  5. I would have to say Kate Mara in the shooter. That was the first time I had seen her, and she was gorgeous. To be honest I can’t think of any role she stands out in … The new fantastic four would have been an excellent opportunity; but, the movie was pretty abysmal.

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