‘Creed’ is the new ‘Rocky’: Michael B. Jordan is Effervescent | New Pittsburgh Courier

Last week, the old-heads scolded me after admitting I have never seen any of the “Rocky” movies.  The series, which began in 1976, was before my time– at least 12 years.  And although “Creed” is considered to be part of the “Rocky” film collection, it was good enough to stand on its own.

“Creed” is the “Rocky” of my generation. Michael B. Jordan is Adonis Johnson as Sylvester Stallone was Rocky Balboa.

The hard-hitting streets of Philadelphia has forced Young Adonis to abandon his 9-5 and become a professional fighter.  A true story of the underdog, Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son must make a quick transition from amateur to champion.

The “fight” to the top consists of the resurrection of one career and the creation of another. Jordan and Stallone are your modern day, Karate Kid and Mr. Miyagi.  Their airy father-son, trainer-boxer relationship jumped off of the screen.

Source: ‘Creed’ is the new ‘Rocky’: Michael B. Jordan is Effervescent | New Pittsburgh Courier

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