As 8 o’clock Thursday night rolled around, there was an executive order in my house to cease all use of electronic devices and sit around the TV to witness what I believed to be history. “The Wiz Live”, which drew 11.5 million viewers, was colorfully amazing.

The lineup couldn’t get any better than Queen Latifah, Ne-Yo, Common, Mary J. Blige, Uzo Aduba, Elijah Kelley, and introducing Shanice Williams as Dorothy.

AP Photo(Courtesy of the New Pittsburgh Courier/AP Photo/File)

Stephanie Mills, who played Dorothy on Broadway’s original run of The Wiz in the 1970s, piped out strong vocals as Aunt Em. She was a fresh kicker to the live production. I wanted her to bust out in “Never Knew Love Like This Before” too!

“The Wiz Live” was everything I expected. From Mary J. Blige’s stiff dance moves to Queen Latifah’s virile singing, the energy involved was pleasingly insurmountable.

Source: Review…’The Wiz Live’: Dope cast, catchy contemporary dance moves | New Pittsburgh Courier