Review: Concussion is an eye-opener for Pittsburgh | New Pittsburgh Courier

Need is not weak. Need is need.” Dr. Bennett Omalu (Will Smith)


“Concussion”, starring Will Smith, Mugu, Albert Brooks, and, is a biographical account of forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu (Smith), who discovers neurological abnormalities similar to Alzheimer’s disease in former professional football players. After Dr. Omalu names and publishes the findings about the brain disorder, the National Football League quickly attacks his research and credibility.

The harsh realities of Pittsburgh rose to the surface. Referred to as a “rusty place”, Pittsburgh, in my experience, is home to many, but not too pleasant to the outsider. With one of the largest medical centers in the world and a cluster of esteemed universities, Pittsburgh attracts people from all over the world, but do we keep them?

Dr. Omalu and his wife did just that– escaped Pittsburgh with no intentions of returning. “Concussion” is merely one exhibit of how the most livable city might not be the most retainable one.

Source: Review: Concussion is an eye-opener for Pittsburgh | New Pittsburgh Courier

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