Let’s rewind back to MLK weekend 2014!  Just two years ago, Ride Along, starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, was the number one movie for three weeks in a row.  The film was the largest debut in MLK weekend box office history, earning $48.6 million.

Fast forward to today, in less than 24 months, Detective James Payton (Cube) and his future brother-in-law, Ben (Hart), are back and fighting crime together in Miami.

Ride Along 2 was pretentious. Hit hard by the sophomore jinx, the film failed to reach the same laughter and excitement as the first one.  I just expected more!

Ken Jeong was a nice added bonus.  But, the few chuckles he provided did not make up for the predictable plot and Ice Cube’s corny punch lines.  Again, I not only expected more, I wanted more.

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