Alice Through The Looking Glass Passes

On Monday, May 23rd, please join Movie Scene Queen and her family for Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass…

Alice Through the Looking Glass film poster

Alice returns to the whimsical world of Wonderland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter.  To snag a family-four pack, please comment below with your favorite Alice in Wonderland moment or favorite character.

Winners will be emailed Monday morning!

Much Love,

Movie Scene Queen

159 thoughts on “Alice Through The Looking Glass Passes

Add yours

  1. I really enjoy the acting of Johnny Depp except when he does funny voices

    Mad hatter! Love it.

    Thanks for the tickets!!

  2. I have always loved the Cheshire cat and the voice provided by alan Rickman made him all the better

  3. I love Johnny Depp at the Mad Hatter and the makeup is awesome. I liked when he gave up his hat to fly Alice on it. I also loved hearing Alan Rickman as the hookah smoking caterpillar (RWG). and I liked when the twins were fighting about it’s not the right Alice.

  4. My favorite characters from the Alice in wonderland movie are Mad hatter, rabbit and Alice. I love Johnny Depo and my daighter is in love with all the new Disney movie remakes with real people instead of the animation, which is always great! Can 1tr wait to see this!

    Please choose us..this would make my daighters day being able to see this. She has been very sick lately in and out of hoapital and this w ok uld surely brighten up her day!


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