Netflix has introduced the world to some amazing original series like “Orange is the New Black”, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, and “House of Cards”. This August, Netflix releases yet another potentially addictive show, “The Get Down”. Using hip-hop as a pinnacle focus, this 6-episode season is about five boys from the Bronx who create a rap group in the late 1970s.

Narrated in part by Nas, “The Get Down” stars Justice Smith (“Paper Towns), Shameik Moore (“Dope”), Jaden Smith (“Karate Kid”), Herizen Guardiola, Skylan Brooks (“Southpaw”), and Tremaine Brown Jr.

Hands down, the show explains how an unfamiliar, unpopular music genre shapes culture in New York City’s fifth borough. The 1977 Bronx tells a story of the how the Grandmaster Flashes, the wordsmiths, and the graffiti artists used turntables, poetry, and creativity to give birth to hip hop.

Source: Netflix’s ‘The Get Down’ brings back hip hop roots