“Almost Christmas”, starring Danny Glover, Mo’Nique, Gabrielle Union, and Kimberly Elise, is a friendly reminder of what to expect over the holidays.  In the movie, the Myers family meets up for the first time after losing the matriarch of their family.  In the days leading up to Christmas, the family’s grief, love and hate creates a more complex family time.

A family gathers for dinner in “Almost Christmas.” (Quantrell D. Colbert/Universal Pictures via AP)

For many families, the holidays are an opportunity to come together and break bread.  But, for African American families, including mine, these assemblies are much more than that.  These gatherings are an imbalanced mixture of laughter, drama, song, dance, and soul food. We all have that one family member that can’t cook.  The inappropriate uncle. The crazy aunt. The sibling rivalry. The buried secrets.

“Almost Christmas” reminds us of all of the classic memorable moments we’ve already shared and prepares us for the ones to come.

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