Why I finished Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’ in one sitting

This image released by HBO shows Issa Rae in a scene from, “Insecure,” which premiered on Oct. 9. (John P. Fleenor/HBO via AP)

It took me exactly 240 minutes to finish the first season of HBO’s new series, “Insecure”. After many Facebook posts about the admiration for the show created by You Tube sensation Issa Rae, I decided to start the show earlier this week. But, once I began watching the show Monday evening, I just couldn’t stop.

“Insecure” is that good!

Starring Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji, Lisa Joyce, and Jay Ellis, the 8-episode series is a tale of two African American women in the tumultuous dating scene of Los Angeles. Issa is a school community organizer in a questionable, stagnant relationship with her live-in boyfriend, Lawrence (Ellis). While, her best friend, Molly (Orji), is a successful lawyer with the troubles of finding a man.

Plagued with the successful Black woman stereotype, both friends find themselves questioning their professional and romantic existence.

Thanks to HBO On Demand I had the ability to watch and pause at my leisure for those 240 minutes of raw, rugged comedy and new adventures. The first season is a powerhouse of entertainment and energy. Everything that is typically inappropriate in life is not with “Insecure”. Cursing. Kissing ex-boyfriends. Random dating or hookup apps.

“Insecure” celebrates the predictability of human beings, while showcasing the complexity of actually understanding them

Unless you’re currently married to your high school sweetheart, every woman, at one point in time, has been Molly, Issa, or a combination of both. The besties remind us that relationship are hard, but dating is harder. From standards to expectations, find the right one is an uphill battle.

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