Review: Will Smith is at his best in “Collateral Beauty”

If you thought “Pursuit of Happyness” (2006) or Seven Pounds” (2008) were the foundation of Will Smith’s serious acting career, then you must see “Collateral Beauty”. The film is a tear-jerking cinematic conglomerate of loss, love, and luminous hope.

In “Collateral Beauty”, a marketing executive, Howard Inlet (Smith), becomes isolated and extremely emotional after losing his young daughter. His tragedy and grief spills over into his professional life as he tries to find the meaning of life without his little one.

Helen Mirren and Will Smith in Collateral Beauty Credit: Barry Wetcher/Warner Bros./AP

Even with the opening weekend box office flop, whatever Smith was paid, was not enough. In “Collateral Beauty”, he fills the holiday season with warmth, love, and tears of joy and sorrow. Something that was once a questionable transition from rapper to actor has blossomed into a seasoned career. I am never disappointed when Will Smith is in a movie. This film is just one of his better roles.

Be prepared to cry. I’m talking about a hard cry, where snot might be involved. You know the Viola Davis cry, the one she does in almost every episode of “How to Get Away with Murder”. Tissue is highly recommended…

Read the full New Pittsburgh Courier article, Review: Will Smith is at his best in “Collateral Beauty”

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