IT Passes

A group of bullied kids band together when a monster, taking the appearance of a clown, begins hunting children.


Movie Scene Queen and Warner Brothers Pictures are teaming up to host an advance screening on Tuesday, September 5 at 8:00pm at AMC Waterfront 22.  Please comment below your interest.

Much Love,

Movie Scene Queen


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  1. Horrified of clowns but I got through “Killer Clowns from Outer Space” so I figured I would give this a try.

    1. What did you think? I am curious because ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’ is a horror comedy rated PG-13, whereas ‘IT’ has hardcore horror elements and rated R. If you were frightened by KKfOS’ Jumbo, Shorty and Slim then I would imagine you were terrficied of IT’s Pennywise…

  2. This movie looks so great! Big fan of the novel, hoping this interpretation does a better job than the old one. I think tbechild actors are going to be amazing as well. Cant wait to see it!

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