Toy Story 4 Passes

Woody (voice of Tom Hanks) has always been confident about his place in the world, and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. So when Bonnie’s beloved new craft-project-turned-toy, Forky (voice of Tony Hale), declares himself as “trash” and not a toy, Woody takes it upon himself to show Forky why he should embrace being a toy. But when Bonnie takes the whole gang on her family’s road trip excursion, Woody ends up on an unexpected detour that includes a reunion with his long-lost friend Bo Peep (voice of Annie Potts). After years of being on her own, Bo’s adventurous spirit and life on the road belie her delicate porcelain exterior. As Woody and Bo realize they’re worlds apart when it comes to life as a toy, they soon come to find that’s the least of their worries.

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Movie Scene Queen is hosting a screening of the highly anticipated, Toy Story 4, on Monday, June 17th at AMC Waterfront 22.  Please comment below with your favorite Toy Story moment (and you should have a lot of material to chose from).

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18 thoughts on “Toy Story 4 Passes

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  1. When Buzz was in the bad boy Sid’s house and he saw the horrible toy’s he had changed. Out came a doll’s head
    on spider legs. It was gross.

  2. I love when Andy grew up and was leaving for college. Had is toys with him up until than. He was originally going to take woody with him but after Bonnie saw woody. She did her little reach for him. Andy snatched woody back. He felt a little selfish and was like no he is mine (his actions not words)Than took one long look at woody and gave him to little Bonnie. Probably cause he knew she would love his toys as much as he did. That was one of the most memorable parts to me ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Andy giving his toys to the new girl in Toy Story 3 and playing with them for one last time. Gave me all the feels.

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