Queen & Slim Passes

Slim and Queen’s first date takes an unexpected turn when a policeman pulls them over for a minor traffic violation. When the situation escalates, Slim takes the officer’s gun and shoots him in self-defense. Now labelled cop killers in the media, Slim and Queen feel that they have no choice but to go on the run and evade the law. When a video of the incident goes viral, the unwitting outlaws soon become a symbol of trauma, terror, grief and pain for people all across the country.


Your chance to win two tickets to the November 21st screening of Queen & Slim comment below with your worst date (and you don’t have to go into detail). I’ll start with mine– Picture it.  Penn Hills. 2011. I was supposed to meet a guy at a local bar for a dinner date.  Not only did we never make it to the restaurant.  The bar was the restaurant.  He wanted to sit there all night and “hang out”. Nope! I was gone!

Much Love,

Movie Scene Queen

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  1. Went to IHOP in waterfront and we got dinner and a show all in one place. The people in the restaurant were showing their asses and we got our food so late because they had to deal with the mess at the other table.

    1. Date talked a whole night planned double dating with his family…ended up driving around to random ‘homies’ houses and random smoke stops with the other couple for hours…never officially making it out before i had to get back to my car and get home.

  2. I went to china town with my date and he left a tip on the table,,,do yall know the waitress ran behind us to the door and complained about the tip……THE WORST!

  3. I went on a date to Golden Coral. The guys then says can you pay I don’t get paid until Friday. He didn’t have a car. On the way back to his place he asked me to take him to Walmart. He bought a vacuum and asked me to wait outside while he vacuumed. Needless to say I left and never spoke to him again.

  4. We met for dinner. He creepy freaky Jason stared at me the entire time. I sent my location to my cousins and my homegirl. He asked if I wanted to go for drinks after dinner…no sir, I do not!!

  5. My worst date was around mid 2000. Saved up money to take this girl I liked on date to concert. Show started at 8 by time she got her hair did got out shower it was 10 o clock and we miss the show. I was steaming like a demon.

  6. My worst date was at a hole in the wall bar with my ex boyfriend. We ate and drank and when the check came he said he didn’t have any money.. that relationship didn’t last long

  7. At this point I can’t remember any worse dates but I do remember 1date that went well but ended bad because the guy thought he deserve a kiss because the date went so well. NOT SO BRO 😔

  8. Not really no worse dates due to peoplebut one I have in mind, hanging out with this one guy went to this restaurant and getting sick from the food

  9. Worst date was going to a hole in the wall bar then leaving only for it to be a blizzard out, so I had to stay at his house because it was around the corner…no more winter storm dates!

  10. I went on a date to Dave & Busters and the guy didn’t have any money, but looked at me like I was supposed to pay for him too. NOPE NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

  11. In 9th grade I went on a double date with friends we went to The mall that was once in McKyntire Square to the movie theater I forgot the name of it. But when we got there he was like I don’t have change for a $100 (The sign said no change for $50s and $100s) so I’m like Ooo man I only have a few dollars left. The cashier was like come on it’s ok I’ll take the $100 and he was like hold on let me find it well he was acting
    Like he couldn’t find it and my friend was like soooo you don’t have any money do you and he put his head down and was like No.. So embarrassing We left.

  12. We were at a restaurant and an eyelash fell into my eye… I was super dramatic because I couldn’t see. Hands flapping, bathroom tub tears and everything … I overacted of course and to this day… my now husband says I’m dramatic about everything.. even though I’m not. I’ll never live that day down … 15 years later 🤦🏾‍♀️

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