Review: How I literally fell for Beyoncé — New Pittsburgh Courier

PITTSBURGH, PA – Beyonce performs during the Formation World Tour at Heinz Field on Tuesday, May 31, 2016, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Daniela Vesco/Parkwood Entertainment)

Moments before Beyoncé hit the stage at Heinz Field last Tuesday, I hit the floor– literally!  Anxious to see the Queen Bey again was the least of my worries when I found out that there were two bathroom options for patrons with floor seats. You could choose from a series of ghastly portable bathrooms or walk up two flights of steps for a proper lavatory.

At 32 weeks pregnant, the journey was endless.  Fatigued and tired, I made my way back to my seat and fell coming down my last set of steps. Beyoncé didn’t hit the stage yet so I had two options; either seek medical attention immediately or bare the pain to catch a just one more glimpse of Mrs. Carter herself.

The decision was clear.  Although irresponsible, I stayed for one of the best concerts Pittsburgh has ever seen.  Yoncé throwbacks intertwined with cool sips from her “lemonade” made the pain unrecognizable.

via Review: How I literally fell for Beyoncé — New Pittsburgh Courier

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