The Art of Racing in the Rain Passes

Based on the best-selling novel by Garth Stein, THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN is a heartfelt tale narrated by a witty and philosophical dog named Enzo (voiced by Kevin Costner). Through his bond with his owner, Denny Swift (Milo Ventimiglia), an aspiring Formula One race car driver, Enzo has gained tremendous insight into the human condition and understands that the techniques needed on the racetrack can also be used to successfully navigate the journey of life. The film follows Denny and the loves of his life – his wife, Eve (Amanda Seyfried), their young daughter Zoe (Ryan Kiera Armstrong), and ultimately, his true best friend, Enzo.


Movie Scene Queen is teaming up with 20th Century Fox 20th on upcoming release, THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN, opening nationwide August 9th. Based on the best-selling novel, THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN is a heartfelt tale narrated by a witty and philosophical dog named Enzo. The screening will be held Thursday, August 1st at 7:30PM at AMC Waterfront 22. Please comment with your favorite dog movie. MSQ’s Favorite Dog Movies: 101 Dalmatians (1996) and Beethoven (1992)

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Criminal Passes

The story of the right man in the wrong body. In a last-ditch effort to stop a diabolical plot, a dead CIA operative’s memories, secrets, and skills are implanted into an unpredictable and dangerous death-row inmate in hopes that he will complete the operative’s mission.

Criminal Film Poster

Criminal will be showing at 7:30pm on Tuesday, April 12th at the South Side Works Cinema. Please comment below with your Kevin Costner moment.  THREE WORDS: THE-BODY-GUARD!  One of my favorite movies!

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Draft Day

“Sometimes the correct path is the tortured one!” –Ali Parker (Jennifer Garner)

Draft Day

Although the Pittsburgh Steelers reign as the only NFL team with six Super Bowl championships, one of our biggest rivalries, the Cleveland Browns, cleaned up nicely for Draft Day. The sport comedy stars Kevin Costner as Sonny Weaver, Jr., General Manager for the Browns who makes the 2014 Draft Day a crazy once when he makes a few risky deals. Draft Day’s other first round acting picks are Frank Langella, Sam Elliott, Terry Crews, Denis Leary, Josh Pence, with a special appearance from Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Die hard Steelers fans please do not fret because there were a few Steel City plugs. And yes, the movie production company could have easily made the movie about Blitzburgh. But according to many reports, even the Buffalo Bills were kicked to the curb because Ohio has cheaper production costs, so it was either the Browns or the Bengals.

Draft Day’s imagery was on point; clear, crisp, and colorful. If the deep, bright orange from the Browns franchise did not stand out, the cool spilt screens whenever two characters were talking would have done it. Of course Draft Day for NFL team executives means that you are constantly on the phone bartering and sweet-talking. So when these phone conversations occur the actors spill over into the other set or screen. Granting, it’s difficult to describe, but it was pretty impressive and innovative.

Draft Day Spilt Screen

If you were not truly inspired last year with Chadwick Boseman’s performance legendary baseballer Jackie Robinson in 42, then you are delusional. Nonetheless, Boseman inspiringly plays another athlete, Vontae Mack, in Draft Day. Mack is a humble yet effective Southern defensive football player who is fighting for his spot on the Browns’ roster. Boseman, along with other young Black actors like Michael B. Jordan, Jaden Smith, and Tristan Wilds, have hit the movie scene with a vengeance, displaying strength and great appeal.

I love Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner together. They were like the underdog couple. Rightfully, women are supposed to meet a nice guy, get to know him, get married, have children, and live happily ever after. Realistically, it does not always work out like that. In Draft Day that is exactly what happened with Sonny Weaver and Ali Parker. Between work ethics around fraternizing and personal grief, the biggest task is for the two to come to a common understanding about their relationship. Costner is a charming as he was in The Bodyguard (1992), and Garner has proven herself as the adorable girl from around the corner.

4 STARS: An awesome football and family story about a smaller city built on tradition and sports similar to Pittsburgh.

Draft Day 2

3 Days to Kill

3 Days to Kill Film Poster

3 Days to Kill was a bit more enjoyable as CIA assassin, Ethan Renner (Kevin Costner), made numerous references to his hometown, Pittsburgh. Although, you’ll never see the Steel City, the mention is sufficient enough. Set in Paris, Agent Renner must perform his last mission while trying to rekindle the relationship with his estranged daughter, Zoey (Hailee Steinfeld). With only months to live, he must simultaneously complete the mission and win Zoey’s heart back.

The movie’s fight scenes were strategically timed throughout the movie. It is as if they were synchronized and scheduled. The movie’s order: fight scene, sick scene, family scene. That repetitive rotation happens the entire movie and made the film redundant and predictable. The fight scenes were also weak and one-dimensional. Generally, the excitement stemmed from fight scenes is the element of surprise and new combat techniques, but 3 Days to Kill lacked both.

Directed by McG, the movie was too close to Taken (2009); a man, with family issues, running around a foreign country killing people. Even Kevin Costner’s voice got a little deeper for the official Liam Neeson feel. With Taken, the family issues fell right into place with storyline, but in 3 Days to Kill the family spin almost complicated the movie.

3 Days to Kill, which is categorized as an action or thriller movie, has a lot of funny parts. Almost too many funny parts and they take away from the movie’s overall plot. Some of those scenes also came off as corny and exaggerated, wasting good Kevin Costner saving-the-world time.

Speaking of Kevin Costner, he’s above average in this movie. The actor has its “Bodyguard” (1992) moments, easily creating flashbacks of when he saved Whitney Houston from crazed stalkers. Costner’s character is rarely in a form fitting black suit, but when he is, it to reminds you of the classic movie. Kevin Costner still captures the audience even decades later. For a dying 59 year old, he is mobile, active and good-looking.

Hailee Steinfeld did an excellent job as Kevin Costner’s damaged, difficult teenage daughter. In 2010, she received a lot of recognition and film critics’ awards for her role in True Grit. This is my first time being introduced to the 17 year old, but she was darkly adorable.

3 Days to Kill is in theatres February 21st.

3 “Too Much Like Taken” Stars

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