Fences Passes


Now working as a garbage collector in 1950s Pittsburgh, a former baseball star (Denzel Washington) creates tension in his family when he squashes his son’s (Jovan Adepo) dream of playing college football in Fences.

Movie Scene Queen is screening FENCES this Monday, December 19 at 7:30pm in the Waterfront.  Please comment below with your favorite August Wilson play or work.  In 2008, I was taking News II at Duquesne and I created an entire package on August Wilson’s childhood home.  I was outraged that although his house was declared a historic landmark, the marker was laying in the middle of the street.  I worked with City Council and PHLF to get the sign put back in its proper place.  I can keep going on and on, but August Wilson plays are timeless and really grips the reality of Black Pittsburgh (even now).

Much Love,

Movie Scene Queen

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