About the Movie Scene Queen


Merecedes J. Williams is owner and operator of Movie Scene Queen

After years of private movie screenings, Merecedes took the hobby to another level. With over a decade of journalism experience, writing as passion, and an inquisitive love for movies, Merecedes took her unofficial nickname and created a blog. Never to be the stingy one, the Movie Scene Queen uses her social network popularity to share her access to private movie screenings with everyone.

More about Merecedes J. Williams:
As a Pittsburgh Public Schools alumni, employee, and parent, Merecedes takes pride in her own students, schools, and community. Since 2003, in many different capacities, she has worked in over 20 PPS schools. Currently, she works for the district’s Public Information Office where she manages their social media pages, event planning, generates good news stories, and serves as liaison between the media and district.  She’s also a certified tutor where she specializes in K-6 reading and writing, K-8 math, and Intermediate-level Spanish.

As a member of the Pittsburgh Black Media Federation, Merecedes has always had a love for journalism and the many different avenues it could lead you down. She participated in the Frank Bolden Urban Journalism Workshop for five summers and worked with Pittsburgh media outlets such as KQV, KDKA, WQED, and WAMO. WQED’s Chris Moore’s words “You can and you will” resonates in her mind even today.

Merecedes was honored by the New Pittsburgh Courier as a member of the Class of 2013’s Fab 40 under 40, an elite group of young professionals who have excelled in their work forces.  WHIRL Magazine inducted Merecedes and Movie Scene Queen in the 2016 Women in Business Class.  In April 2018, Movie Scene Queen earned Pennsylvania Keystone Press Award-second place for Feature Beat Reporting.

In 2019, Pittsburgh Magazine named her 40 Under 40for her work in community service through Movie Scene Queen.

Movie Scene Queen is the official movie reviewer for the New Pittsburgh Courier.

Movie Scene Queen celebrated five years in business in 2018, and Mike Clark and WTAE- ABC Pittsburgh produced a news story about the milestone Movie Scene Queen: Community benefiting from her mission.

Merecedes resides in the East End with her husband and three children.

For booking information or to schedule a screening, please contact MSQ at the information below:

Email: moviescenequeen@yahoo.com
Instagram: MovieSceneQueen
Twitter: MovieSceneQueen
Facebook: MovieSceneQueen














26 thoughts on “About the Movie Scene Queen

Add yours

  1. Wanted to thank you for the pass which I won and the movie “2 Guns” last night was funny and good.

  2. Hey! This is Joey from Warner Bros. I’ve been reading through your site all morning! Great stuff. I hope to see you at your next screening! 🙂

  3. I have to say I love what you are doing. It is so refreshing to see ambitious African American women enthusiastically pursue their dreams. You’re doing a great job! I commend your diligence! Keep at it 🙂

    Best Wishes,
    Nikki Johnson

    Also if you come across any casting calls for little girls please keep my daughter in mind. Her name is Raven and she’s very animated and anything but shy.

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Johnson!

      I can definitely keep you in the loop about local casting calls. The Pittsburgh Film office website has the most up to date casting calls for the Pittsburgh area.

  4. You’d you please add me to your private movie screening list. I’m from Pittsburgh, if that narrows things.

  5. I had to pleasure of seeing you on the links below and you’re really outdoing yourself. Congrats on your one year anniversary and continue to strive for success in all that you’re doing in the community and for us…

    I’m so very proud of you…..

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  8. I wanted to thank you for your kindness. that is my motto I always put on my facebook “Be Kind” if everyone as you are this would be a wonderful world. I try to do a kindness everyday, or is I am not feeling well send cards or card to someone not feeling well or another problem in their life… thank you again for the tickets we have received from you

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